Flaschen Glas / PET und Verschlüsse, DIN 18, für Pharma und Kosmetik

- Amber, blue and violet glass bottles, 5 to 100 ml, neck finish GL 18
- Clear glas bottles, 10, 30 50 and 100ml, neck finish GL 18
All manufactured from pharmaceutical glass, hydrolytic class III, according to the specification of the Europ. Drug book
Available as a complete set (i.e. safepack with caps) or bottles and caps each separately!
These bottles are suitable for filling medical and cosmetic products, e.g. liquids, homeopathic solutions, tinctures, tonics,
lotions, oils, other mixtures as well as for the storage of globules or other solid substances

You also find special sizes such as 200ml-blue glass cosmetic bottles  Stockbottles

The client is responsible for assuring their product is compatible with our pirmary packaging!